Every Child Matters

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Every Child MattersThis resource is designed to support the church school seeking to define, evaluate, develop, express and celebrate its distinctive Christian approach to the delivery of the 'Every Child Matters' agenda.

The church school, as an integral part of the mission of the church, has concern for the total well being of the child - body, mind and spirit. Each child is accepted and respected as unique - 'a child of God, precious in his sight' and should be valued, have access to learning excellence and enjoy holistic provision within a Christian context.

Unpacking and expressing this concept requires insight and an understanding of the essential nature of what it means to be a church school. Each school has a unique context, and may change over time. It is important that you recognise where your uniqueness lies and how far Christian values and principles underpin the foundation of the life and work of your school.

The resource contains material to help you express your distinctiveness in your Every Child Matters policy and articulate the Christian dimension to your strategies for the delivery of the outcomes in the context of your church school. It will guide you in your work with the church(es) and other partners as you network extended services to meet the specific needs of your children and their families.

The material is designed to encourage discussion as you involve staff, children, governors, parents and carers in policy development, monitoring of practice and the evaluation of outcomes.

Written by, Jean Dowson Education Officer, North Lancashire District of the Methodist Church, Honorary Adviser, Blackburn Diocesan Board of Education

Editor, John Paine Education Officer, Bolton and Rochdale District of the Methodist Church

In association with, Daphne Durham Deputy Director, Children and Young People's Services,Blackburn Diocesan Board of Education

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