How will I know what to say?

How will I know what to say?The World Council of Churches developed Four Principles of Interfaith Dialogue.

These are: 

  • Dialogue begins when people meet each other. 
  • Dialogue is about building up trust in the other person and learning to tell the truth about another religious tradition. 
  • Dialogue helps us to work together for the goal of a developing a better human community. 
  • Dialogue becomes a way of authentic mutual witness.

In other words, by making time to meet people, and being open to conversation with people of different faiths, a relationship of trust will develop.

Because of this respectful and trusting relationship, each person will be able to explain their beliefs and practices to others.

Remember: Through explaining our beliefs to others and being open to the responses of those from other faiths, we gain a greater insight into the truth of the God we worship through Jesus Christ.


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