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Resources from The Methodist Church

Dialogue and Evangelism among people of other faiths: A Methodist reflection on the Inter Faith Network for the UK Code of Conduct: 'Building good relations with people of different faiths and beliefs'. (Small booklet) Cost: £1.00

May I call you friend? Case studies of sharing the Christian faith in multi faith situations, together with Bible studies and discussion questions.
Download 'May I Call You Friend?' (Pdf) 
Also available from Methodist Publishing (Booklet) Cost: £3.50

Faith Meeting Faith A resource focusing on thirty questions frequently asked about inter faith relations, which acknowledges the diversity of views among Christians.
Download 'Faith Meeting Faith' (Pdf)
Also available from Methodist Publishing (A4 bound resource) Cost: £9.00

Called to Love and Praise: Volume 1, pages 158-223 Methodist Conference 1999 agenda. Download 'Called to Love and Praise' (Word doc)

Hymns for civic occasions or where members of different faiths are present
The Inter Faith Relations Office regularly receives requests for suggestions of hymns that it would be appropriate to sing at civic events or occasions where members of different faiths are present. We are grateful to the Revd Andrew Pratt, who is an officer of the Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland, for preparing the attached lists of hymns. The Excel file is a list of hymn first lines, authors and copyright details; the Word file is the full text of the hymns. All the material, except Andrew Pratt's texts in the Word file and listed as copyright 2010, are in the current edition of HymnQuest. The other texts will be in next year's edition.

i-book launched to help Anglicans/Episcopalians and other Christians engage with people of other faiths
The Anglican Communion Network for Inter Faith Concerns (NIFCON) has launched an exciting and valuable new resource to assist Anglicans and other Christians in their engagement with people of other faiths that can be accessed at

"One of the important features of the resource is that it can grow and change to respond to new needs and new insights. Also as it is online (on the Anglican Communion website) it is widely available throughout much of the Anglican World. As well as written material it incorporates some video and audio resources, and we want to expand on these over the coming few months": Revd Rana Youab Khan, International Inter Faith Dialogues Assistant, Lambeth Palace.

Clare Amos, Director for Theological Studies in the Anglican Communion Office and with responsibility for the work of NIFCON said: "The study guide acknowledges the importance of context in relation to our engagement with people of other faiths: the situation in Pakistan, for example, is very different to the context in Britain, while that for Anglicans in Egypt, Nigeria, India or the United States is varied yet again'. 

Other Publications

Paths of Faith
Harris, Elizabeth (ed.) Publisher: Christian Aware.

This is an expanded version of a series on other faiths published in the Methodist Recorder in 1998. It covers Baha'is, Buddhists, Hindus, Jains, Jews, Muslims, the New Age Movement, Sikhs and Zoroastrians. An excellent resource for groups especially if combined with 'The Life We Share', the details of which are given above.

Meeting Sikhs
Joy Barrow (ed.). Publisher: Christians Aware.

Meeting Hindus
Gwyneth Little (ed.). Publisher: Christians Aware.

Meeting Buddhists
Elizabeth J Harris and Kauth, Ramona (ed.) Publisher: Christians Aware

The above three books are a series, the primary aim of which is to enable the reader to 'meet' faith members. Each book also provides information regarding the faith's main beliefs and practices. The books are beautifully illustrated and written in an easily accessible style by both members of the respective faith and those who have engaged with that faith academically and in inter faith contexts over many years.

Above Us and Between Us
Peter Colwell. Publisher: Churches Together in Britain and Ireland.

This is a very helpful resource written by the Secretary of Church Life and Society at CTBI in response to the letter entitled 'A Common Word' signed by 138 Muslim scholars and sent to Christian leaders throughout the world, calling for the two faiths to come together around 'love of God and love of neighbour'.

Churches Together in Britain and Ireland has useful information on their website: that can be downloaded, including a copy of 'Above Us and Between Us'.

In Good and Generous Faith
Christian Responses to Religious Pluralism Kenneth Cracknell, Publisher: Epworth.

This is a book for those who fear that they are being unfaithful to Jesus Christ by making friends with people of other faiths. Kenneth Cracknell, a former tutor at Wesley House, Cambridge, demonstrates that the Bible contains much that supports a positive attitude to other faiths and explores how Christians can live and tell the gospel in a multi faith society.

Generous Love: An Anglican Theology of Inter Faith Relations
Anglican Communion Network for Inter Faith Concerns. Publisher: The Anglican Consultative Council, London.

The Church of England has useful information on their website:

Holocaust Memorial Day is held every year on 27 January. Resources are prepared by The Council for Christians and Jews (CCJ), in consultation with Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI)

Interfaith Relationships: a Resource Pack for Couples 
Heather al-Yousuf and Rosalind Birtwistle. Publisher: Interfaith Marriage Network, 53 Devon Road, Bedford, MK40 3DF 

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