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Ogof Adullam's story: an interview with Huw and Cerys Davies

Ogof Adullam is a Methodist drop-in centre in the middle of Swansea. Named after the cave where King David took refuge in 1 Samuel 22, it provides a place of refuge to people to the vulnerable in society – the homeless, asylum seekers and those shunned due to their addictions and criminal behaviour.

A volunteer and a guest have a deep conversation about the Bible

Based at Brunswick Methodist Church, Ogof Adullam opens its doors for three evenings a week, when most other agencies are closed. It provides a safe place free of external influences where people can develop safe, secure and loving relationships in a Christian environment.

“As Christians we aim to show the love of Jesus in order to help and empower these individuals to turn their lives around and to become all God intended them to be.

One client has been coming since we first opened. She had been on the streets for some time and was originally sleeping outside the church. Our superintendent found her and was moved and upset that this was happening in our city. With the help of members we have been able to help her get a deposit for a flat and she is going to start going to rehab for her addictions.”

Huw Davies - Project Coordinator

The volunteers at Ogof Adullam go beyond simply running a drop in centre. They liaise with different organisations in Swansea to direct their guests to night shelters, Christian Rehabilitation centres, chaplaincies and partner with local gardeners who offer work and income for ex-offenders.

The Advent Offering worship materials include quotes and extracts from interviews with volunteers and guests who visit Ogof Adullam. We hope that many churches will take up an Advent Offering specially for Mission in Britain to allow us to continue to support work like this. 

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