Past Mission Partners

Find out about our recently retired and former mission partners


Angleena _1     Deacon Angleena Keizer  served in Sri Lanka from 2015 until July 2017. She worked alongside the English speaking congregation at the Kollupitiya Methodist Church. 

Read more about Angleena
Pat5     Pat Jamison served in Bangladesh in 2011 - 2015 and Ghana from 2016 - 2017. 

Read more about Pat
Cook Collinsimage     Paul Collins and Maura Cook served in Jinotega, Nicaragua as teachers during 2016. Previously, they served in El Salvador between 2012 to 2015.

Read more about Paul and Maura
EDENFLETCHER     Rev Eden Fletcher served in South East Asia from October 2015 to December 2016. He worked as an English teacher and supported the work of the local Methodist community.

Read more about Eden
 wcr-TheRamsays-profile-pic     Malcolm and Cati Ramsay served in Kathmandu, Nepal, serving with the United Mission to Nepal from 2012 to 2016.

Read more about Malcolm and Cati

ROS     Ros Colwill served in Nigeria, giving spiritual direction to ministers and others for over 30 years, retiring in 2016.

Read more about Ros
MELLORS     Howard and Rosie Mellor served in Hong Kong from 2011 - 2016. Howard was a Senior Pastor at the Methodist International Church in Wan Chai. Rosie was a supply teacher at the Kellett School.

Read more about Howard and Rosie here
 Hodges     Rachel and Finlay Hodge were former Methodist mission partners, who returned to Nepal as short term professional support to UMN to help with the earthquake reconstruction work in July 2015.

Read more about Rachel and Finlay

Glen and Wendy Lund were our jointly appointed mission partners in Zambia from 2011 - 2015. Glen was a Lecturer at UCZ Theological College. They were there from 2011 - 2015.

Read more about the Lunds

BD6     Barbara Dickinson served in Kenya from 1980 - 2015. Barbara worked in various capacities in the School of Nursing at the Maua Methodist Hospital.

Read more about Barbara.

OLIVERS     Revd Malcolm Oliver and Gina Siatwinda-Oliver served in Mozambique from 2012 - 2015. 

Read more about the Olivers
Hollands1      Revd Michael and Sheila Holland served in Togo from 2009 - 2015. Michael was a minister, seconded to L'Eglise Méthodiste du Togo. Sheila was a teacher. 

Read more about Michael and Sheila
Andydye3     Andy Dye served in Grenada from 2010 - 2015. Andy was leading teacher training and youth work.

Read more about Andy
Mannie Lynn Jacobs     Revd Dr Mannie and Lynn Jacob  served in Sri Lanka from 2011 - 2015. Mannie and Lynn both worked at the Theological College of Lanka in Pilimatalawa. 

Read more about Mannie and Lynn

Revd Mervyn and Claudette Kilpatrick served in Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka, from 2011 - 2014. Mervyn was a Circuit Minister and Claudette was a Pastoral worker.

Read more about Mervyn and Claudette


Drs Graham and Jenny Longbottom served as mission partners in the Solomon Islands from 2009 - 2014. They worked as doctors at the Helena Goldie Hospital in Munda.

Read more about Graham and Jenny


Paul and Sarah Wright served in Nepal between 2007 - 2014. Paul worked on UMN's climate change strategy and Sarah worked in a Bible College and did discipling work in a local womens group.

Read more about Paul and Sarah


Michael and Joanna Tettey served in Sierra Leone from 2007 - 2014. They have two daughters and worked at Nixon Memorial Hospital.

Read more about Michael and Joanna


James and Linda Pender were based in Rajshahi, Bangladesh between 2007 - 2013. James was an advisor with the Church of Bangladesh Social Development Programme.
Read more about James and Linda

HELENM     Helen Moorehead was a nurse based in Kenya's Tharaka District between 2007 - 2014. Helen set up a deaf school for children aged 6 to 13.

Read more about Helen
LACEYS     Chris and Věra Lacey served in Antigua between 2001 - 2013. Chris and Věra worked at the Gilbert Agricultural and Rural Development Center.

Read more about the Laceys
MAGGIE     Maggie Patchett was in Belize from 2007-2013. She worked with the Youth Enhancement Services), working with young girls who initially come with their self-esteem at rock bottom, and leave transformed.

Read more about Maggie

Eddie and Susan Sykes served in the Bahamas between 2007 - 2013. Eddie and Susan gave pastoral to residents of the All Saints Community and Susan taught Grade 2 at St Andrew's School.

Read more about Eddie and Susan

CLARKS     Peter and Janice Clark lived in Sierra Leone between 2009 - 2011. They both lectured in the [Methodist] Theological College. 

Read more about Peter and Janice
wcr-Past-Mission-Partners-Nixons     Revd David and Rhoda Nixon were based in Zambia from 1191 - 2012. David worked at the Chodort Training Centre in Choma and Rhoda helped to run the church library.

Read more about Revd David Nixon

Shelley Cooling served in Zimbabwe in 2011 - 2013, working at the Matthew Rusike Children's Home Early Childhood Development Centre.

Read more about Shelley

BURFIELD     David and Rhona Burfield were based in Malaysia between 2008 - 2012. David lectured at the Sabah Theological School and Rhona set up a training programme for women whose husbands are training for the ministry.

Read more about David and Rhoda
KENYA     Jane Gray was based in Maua, Kenya between 2007 - 2010. Jane worked in the outreach clinics and hospital wards.

Read more about Jane
 DAVID FURNIVAL     David Furnival was based in Sri Lanka, between 2008 - 2013. He worked as a social worker in an area which has been badly affected by conflict.

Read more about David here
wcr-Past-Mission-Partners-JennyBywater     Jenny Bywaters was a mission partner and public health expert in Sri Lanka in 2009 - 2013.

Read more about Jenny
BARRETTS     Colin and Muriel Barrett were based in Germany. Colin was a minister of two Methodist churches in Freiberg and Brand Erbisdorf. Muriel helped with Sunday School. They served from 2004 - 2011.

Read more about Colin and Muriel

Daniel and Yasuko Dellming were based in Japan. Daniel worked alongside a chaplain and also as an English teacher at a school with over 20,000 pupils from 2002 - 2014.

Read more about Daniel and Yasuko

JANSEN     Sue Jansen was based in Argentina, where she worked as a Methodist Minister in Río Gallegos and Tierra del Fuego. Sue served between 2001 - 2011.

Read more about Sue
KILWORTHMASON     Revd Wendy Kilworth-Mason was based in a teaching post in Sierra Leone. Wendy served between 2011 - 2013.

Read Wendy's newsletters from her time in Sierra Leone: February 2013 & November 2012


David and Sarah Hall were based in Bangladesh, where they worked with the Church of Bangladesh's Social Development Programme from 2010 - 2014.

Read more about the Halls 


Claudia Freund was based in Kenya between 2005 - 2012. She worked as an Occupational Therapist to support the Maua Methodist Hospital in developing the Rehabilitation Team.

Read more about Claudia

WALKER     Revd Alison Walker served as a
Mission Partner in Florence with
the Italian Methodist Church between 2009 - 2013. Alison was accompanied by her husband Robin and their standard poodle Gabrieli.

Read more about Alison

Susan Clark was based in Pakistan between 2011 - 2013. Read Susan's newsletters from her time in Pakistan: August 2013 · December 2012 · June 2012

wcr-Past-Mission-Partners-NormanGrigg     Norman Grigg was conference president in Banjul, of the recently autonomous Methodist Church of the Gambia between 2004 - 2010.

Read more about Norman
 CAPEY     Alison Capey served in China between 2010 - 2012, on behalf of the Amity Foundation. Alison was a TEFL teacher in a Teacher Training College in northern China.

Read more about Alison
 WILSON     Ruth Wilson served in Banjul, The Gambia, where she worked in two schools between 2008 - 2012.

Read more about Ruth 
wcr-Past-Mission-Partners-TheJasons     Revd Dr Mark and Sarah Jason lived in Banjul, the Gambia between 2007 - 2011. Mark served as Secretary of the newly autonomous Gambia Conference.

Read more about Mark and Sarah


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