Alison Capey

lison Capey was a Mission Partner, from Bristol who served in China between 2010 - 2012, on behalf of the Amity Foundation. Alison was a TEFL teacher in a Teacher Training College in northern China (the province is called Inner Mongolia, which borders the country of Mongolia).


Prayer Letters:
• Spring 2012
• Autumn/Winter 2011
• Spring 2011 



wcr-AlisonCapey-3"Christmas in China is a more subdued affair, mainly because there is no public holiday - work carries on - you can even go to the bank on Christmas Day, even if it is a Sunday, as the working week is 7-days, rather than 5-days - though we were entitled to 2 working days off as foreign teachers. Shops and hotels do put up decorations, such as Christmas trees, but the emphasis is on Santa Claus rather than any religious festival"


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