David and Rhona Burfield

Wc _dburfield _1010David and Rhona Burfield were based in Malaysia, where David lectured at the Sabah Theological School (STS) in the east of the country.
Rhona set up a training programme for women whose husbands are training for the ministry. Her aim was to help those wives to develop their own future ministries; to give their children a head start in their education, and teach them income-generating craft skills.

The women on Rhona's programme learnt to make jewellery, clothes, bags and patchwork items. They also learnt book-keeping and marketing, and some of the women went on to set themselves up in business. The project has been a great success, recouping all its start-up costs and making a small profit.
"Having just completed my first 3 months in the job by God's grace and much encouragement and support from Rhona I still have my head above water! (And just two days ago our feet in water - when the surround of our house was flooded.)

Practically it means that I spend four days a week at Namaus (128km/nearly 3 hours from Kota Kinabalu). I leave Monday morning at 5 am to enjoy the cool of the early dawn and then return on Friday at 4am to avoid the traffic in the city."

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