Paul Collins and Maura Cook

Dec _2013_cc _family _300x 169Paul Collins and Maura Cook served as Mission Partners in Ahuachapán, El Salvado from 2012 to 2015.

Maura and Paul lived and work in Ahuachapán with their 3 children - two daughters, Scout and Assisi and their son Saffi. Paul and Maura both worked as teachers in a nursery school and also taught English classes to adults. As well as their teaching and busy life bringing up a young family, they learnt Spanish and integrated into the life of the local Methodist Church.

Watch this great video of Paul teaching:

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We asked Paul and Maura's daughters, Assisi and Scout, about being M
ission Partner children.

Read the interview here

"We face the challenge of persuading the children that they're allowed to have fun while learning - they have never been given freedom in the classroom before to imagine and create (schools here are taught strictly by rote, usually copying information from the board and learning it by heart). They naturally sit down behind a desk and expect to stay there for the whole lesson!"



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