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FCC     Friends of the Church in China are Christians in Britain and Ireland who seek to promote contact, partnership and mutual understanding with Christians in China
Amity Foundation     The Amity Foundation are a Chinese social service organization, initiated by Protestants in China, whose projects empower the marginalised.
Amity Foudation     Amity Foundation Newsletter - June 2017
Amity responds to the natural disasters in Ethiopia and Sri Lanka. Click here to subscribe 

The Amity Foundation has advocated for the rights of migrant workers in China for over two decades. This short 1.5 minute video, Migrant Workers in China, reminds viewers of just how important the work is that migrants perform day after day in cities throughout China. 

Amity - Summer English Programme

Margaret Williams has sent us this message about the Summer English programme:

"Just a note to tell you that I am back from my month in China with the Amity SEP. 


It was a great experience, and so well organised by Amity.  If I can arrange things, I hope to go again next year.  It is such an interesting place to live for a few weeks, and helping the teachers to improve their spoken English is greatly appreciated.  I was in a team of 3, sent to Arong Qi, a "small town" (population about 300,000) in Inner Mongolia.  As the only foreigners in town for a long time, we were minor celebrities, frequently stopped on the street for a selfie.


Please do continue to advertise it and encourage people to go.  The potential cost might put some people off - but this year there was so much funding available (not really sure from where!) that it didn't cost us anything at all.  Numbers of volunteers have been decreasing in recent years, and this year there were only 2 of us from UK.  The largest group were from Germany, and mainly quite young"



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