Tim Macquiban

Tim Macquiban    

Revd Dr Tim Macquiban is our Mission Partner serving in Rome with his wife Angela, since August 2014. Tim is Minister of the Ponte Sant'Angelo Church and Director of the Methodist Ecumenical Office.

Ponte Sant'Angelo Church, Via Del Banco di Santo, Spirito 3, Roma 00186, Italy


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Newsletter Archive:
• 'The Lord looks on the heart' (1 Samuel 16 v7), January 2017
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Waldensian Synod     "Sometimes we judge events in the world by how other people want us to think of them. But God sees things differently.... Throughout history, God views his chosen servants not as the world views them but looking into their hearts. Are they people who show God`s mercy, who struggle for God`s justice and peace? It is the little people, often unnoticed by the world, unrecognized by society, faithfully doing God`s will, who are those beloved of God. They are the blessed, the happy ones in his sight."




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