All Partners Consultation


The All Partners Consultation took place on Monday 21 - Thursday 24 June 2010
The Britannia Hotel, Canary Wharf, London E14

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Summary of the Consultation and Report to the Methodist Conference

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Summary of responses to questions posed prior to APC - Diane Clutterbuck

Keynote address by Revd Martyn Atkins

Reflection: Blind Bartimeus - Barbara Glasson

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Day 1 summary

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Monday June 21

9.00 - 10.30am
Keynote Address - Martyn Atkins, General Secretary
The British Church's Position
This is where we've come from;
This is where we are..... and together, over these days we'll forge a new mission strategy together

10.30 - 11.00am Morning refreshments

11.00 - 1.00pm
Presentation of the responses to questions -
Participants will have received a digest of the responses prior to the event and this session will give participants the chance to expand and explore further. You can download the digest here.

1.00-3.00pm Lunch

3.00-5.00pm (rapporteur - at regular times we will hear what we have been discussing, learning and where we are heading)
A Wider World Perspective - Daleep Mukarji
In this session we'll have the chance to gain a broader understanding of the world of which we are a part and to put some of the previous sessions insights into a broader context.

5.00-5.30pm Afternoon refreshments

5.30 - 6.30pm Experiential Bible Study - Barbara Glasson

7.30pm Dinner

Tuesday June 22 

6.30-8.30am Breakfast

9.00 -10.30am
Hearing from our Partners:
Bible Study - Five short studies from representatives from the regions around the world.
Simon Dossou, Sammy Azariah, Joao Carlos Lopez, Harriett Olson, Lo Lung Kwong.
Each study leader will offer one question to address from their study.

10.30-11.00am Morning refreshments

11.00-12.30pm Group discussions on the Bible Studies

1.00-3.00pm Lunch

3.00-4.30pm (rapporteur)
Three scenarios of where we expect/desire the Methodist Church to be in 2020.

4.30-5.00pm Afternoon refreshments

5.30-6.30pm Group work around tables:
- What do we want to say about where the Methodist Church needs to move?
- What will our emphases be, as partners?
- What resources do we need to affect these emphases?
- How do we deploy such resources?
- How do we share these resources?
- What kind of partnerships/relationships have emerged?
- What would a worldwide connexion of Churches look like?
Plenary: Report back on the two most important things.

7.30pm Dinner

Wednesday June 23

6.30-8.30am Breakfast 

9.00-10.30am Communion Service - homily Stephen Poxon
(after this the remaining Chairs and others will go on to Portsmouth)

10.30-12.00pm Set the Scene - Ivan Abrahams
Challenges and more general time to consider what are the major issues
Money; People Exchange & Church to Church relationships 

12.15-4.30pm Lunch - followed by visit to Wesley's Chapel or to the Methodist Modern Art Collection

4.30-5.00pm Afternoon refreshments

5.00-6.30pm Session 1: Money
Its role, our responsibility and its deployment

7.30pm Dinner

Thursday June 24

6.30-8.30am  Breakfast

9.00-10.30am Session 2: People Exchange
Our expectations, priorities and practicalities. 

10.30-11.00am Morning refreshments

11.00-12.30pm Session 3: Church to Church Relationships
How are these worked out? Our expectations and the practicalities.

12.30-3.00pm Lunch

3.00-6.30pm Final Plenary Session:
Drawing all together and what we take to Conference.

7.30pm Celebration Dinner

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