FAQs on the Methodist Church Funds

What are the Methodist Church Funds?

The Methodist Church Funds are:
• The general Methodist Church Fund (MCF) and two funds directed specifically towards mission:
• The World Mission Fund (WMF)
• The Mission in Britain Fund (MiBF).
Methodist Church Fund for Property (MCFP), a third specific fund is directed towards buildings and infrastructure.

Can I give to the specific Church Funds?

The Methodist Council encourages church councils to make gifts from their own general funds only to the general Methodist Church Fund or one of the funds (World Mission Fund, Mission in Britain Fund or Methodist Church Fund for Property) specified previously. Individuals may prefer and are encouraged to give to these specific funds.

Why can't I support individual projects?

We support projects and publish information about them in retrospect, which is why we always encourage our supporters to either support a particular Fund or support the general Methodist Church Fund where your gift will be used where the need is judged to be greatest.

In addition, supporting particular projects can sometimes lead to popular projects being over funded while other, equally worthy projects, are not given the same support. Naturally, we are keen to give each project the appropriate level of support which is why usually we encourage people to support the Funds not individual projects.

What is the difference between All We Can (formerly known as MRDF) and Methodist Church Funds?

The World Mission Fund (WMF) provides grants to support our 61 partner churches around the world engaging in exciting mission projects and initiatives. It is administered by the World Church Relationships (WCR) team. On the home ground, we work with churches engaged in mission all over Britain. You can find out more about these projects by downloading our latest annual reports: God's Mission in Britain and Methodist Missionary Society.

All We Can is a pioneering international development, relief and advocacy organisation that believes in the power of partnership. It has its roots in the British Methodist Church, but is an operationally independent organisation, inspired by Christian principles to focus on those in greatest need. It helps people to find solutions to poverty and become all that they can, by investing in partnerships that improve quality of life and create positive, long-term change in some of the world's poorest communities. It does this through:

• Supporting and strengthening its local partners - organisations, churches and emerging initiatives that share its vision and values - to implement effective and sustainable solutions for people living in some of the world's poorest and least served communities

• Responding to humanitarian crises with emergency support and help communities to be better prepared for disasters

• Engaging in advocacy and education, both in Britain and internationally, to tackle some of the systemic causes of poverty.

All We Can and the World Church Relationships team work together where we have partners in common, for instance on the Church CAN (Church Community Action for Neighbours) initiative.

Find out more about All We Can at www.allwecan.org.uk 

Who do I make my cheques payable to?

You can make your cheques payable to the individual fund eg, The Methodist Church World Mission Fund, the Methodist Church Mission in Britain Fund or to the more general Fund, The Methodist Church Fund.

Please send your cheque to support the work of the Methodist Church to:

The Fundraising Coordinator
Methodist Church House
25 Marylebone Road
London NW1 5JR

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