Bangladesh and global warming


James and Linda Pender are mission partners serving in Bangladesh. They are currently focusing on climate change adaptation and introducing Multi-Lingual Education into schools run by the Church of Bangladesh respectively. They are also involved in arsenic mitigation, anti-human trafficking, and project management with the CBSDP.

In the latest update of a report written by James in 2010, Climate Change, its Impacts and Possible Community-Based, he writes the following:

"In terms of the impact of climate change few places in the world will experience the range of effects and the severity of changes that will occur in Bangladesh, which will include: Average weather temperatures rising; more extreme hot and cold spells; rainfall being less when it is most needed for agriculture, yet more in the monsoon when it already causes floods; melting of glaciers in the source areas of Bangladesh's rivers altering the hydrological cycle; more powerful tornados and cyclones; and sea level rise displacing communities, turning freshwater saline and facilitating more powerful storm surges. The impact will be intensified by the fact that Bangladesh is both one of the most populated and one of the poorest nations on earth. Adivasis (ethnic minorities), religious minorities, women, children, disabled people and the poorest-of-the-poor people being the most vulnerable groups in society will in turn be the most affected by the adverse effects of climate change.".

Read the full report here


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