Colombia: peace accompaniment, ecumenical partners and the Zenú people


Following his recent visit to Colombia in November, the Revd Thomas Quenet writes:

"There are many denominational accompaniment processes taking place in Colombia as churches respond to the need to support the poorest and vulnerable, caught up in violent conflict over the past 50 years. PEAC [the Peace Accompaniment Programme in Colombia] is the first ecumenical initiative and has been supported by the World Council of Churches, the Latin American Council of Churches and nine other partners in Colombia and beyond. As it develops its work the proposal is that it will put into place a programme of volunteers that will accompany communities in their call for justice. Support from international partners has established an international and National Coordinator. The International Coordinator is Revd Chris Ferguson (United Church of Canada) and the National Coordinator is Lucia Blanca (CofE). "

Read the rest of the visit report here.

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