Covenanting for Life


The United Church of Canada has shared a series of resources with us called 'Covenanting for Life'. It is 'a call to live faithfully in the midst of empire. It is a commitment to put faith into action regarding the many forms of empire which are obstacles to God's purposes of justice, equality, and reconciliation between people and nations within creation'.

You can download their workshop resources that can be used in small groups or adapted for use in other contexts from their website at

The titles of their workshops include:

Covenanting for Life (download sample workshop here)

So Many Choices, So Few Choices: An Urban Look at Empire's Grip on What We Eat

So Many Choices, So Few Choices: A Rural Look at Empire's Grip on What We Eat

Caring for Creation: Choosing Creation over Empire

Are We Only Worth What We Buy: Choosing Sustainability over Empire


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