Disaster and relief work in Japan

Makoto Iijima, the United Church of Christ in Japan's East Japan Disaster Relief Projects Director, has sent us his latest report on the church's work in east Japan. He writes:

"...the event the principal of Ishinomaki Elementary school told me that in his school with its 139 years of history that 70 of the 299 students have been impacted by the disaster of March 11. With houses that were washed away or severely damaged by the quake and tsunami, nearly fifty students at present are commuting from outside the school's district. Further research that was done twenty-one months after the disaster shows that the emotional scars have yet to heal as many students fear being alone and are afflicted by nightmares. He went on to explain his hope to teach these students who are going through this difficult time that joy can be discovered and there is more to life than the current hardship. Because he believes that playing with friends can be the greatest way to bring about healing of the hart, the principal has been working hard to incorporate time for play into the education at the school."


Click here to read the full report.

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