Earthquake relief and rebuilding. Do they eliminate poverty?


Revd Tom Quenet, Partnership Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean writes:

"Through mission partners John and Sharon Harbottle in Haiti, I have received these images of Cité Soleil in Haiti. For me they illustrate that earthquake relief and rebuilding do not eliminate poverty and the consequences of it. I doubt if these photos have changed significantly from those before the earthquake. Except!!! - if you look closely some shacks have tarpaulin roofs - this I suspect is an improvement and in the ditch you can see polystyrene containers, this could be worse than it was before. The containers are on what food is distributed as aid or fast food is sold in. There is a lot of progress being made on cleaning up the rubble, rebuilding and recovering so much of what was destroyed. This is only the start of the real problem - the elimination of poverty."

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