East Japan Disaster Relief Projects Update


UCCJ East Japan Disaster Relief Projects Update

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

May the name of the Lord be praised.

We were truly blessed by the response to the tragedy of March 11. There were many who gave warm words of encouragement. We are particularly grateful to all those who have made generous contributions in our efforts to respond to that tragedy.

One year and nine months have passed since that tragic day and we have transitioned from the initial response and are now engaged in the mid to long term response efforts of bringing full restoration to the victims. We at the UCCJ Disaster Response Projects hope that restoration and healing can take place and will continue to walk side by side with the victims in the future.

In October the East Japan Disaster Relief Projects decided to create a new communications desk which beginning in December would produce monthly reports in Chinese, Korean and English to share information on the relief work we are engaged in by

1.) Offeringa glimpse of the volunteer work being done in the relief effort.
2.) Sharing the reports published in the Shinto No Tomo (UCCJ's monthly magazine).

These translations vwill be posted on the UCCJ home page at http://uccj-e.org/.

It is our hope that you will help spread the news of what we our doing in the continuing relief efforts to your friends and acquaintances. Until there is full recovery we will continue to need prayerful support of our work.

We pray that God will continue to bless you in all of your endeavors.

Makoto Iijima
UCCJ East Japan Disaster Relief Projects, Director


Photo: metal from tsunami damage in Ishinomaki being prepared for recycling


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