Elections Day: Please Pray for Nepal

Please pray for Nepal today. Tomorrow is election day there and it is a very difficult time with considerable disagreement and violence.

The goal of Tuesday's election is a 601-member Constituent Assembly to write a constitution. The previous assembly, elected in 2008, following the end of a 10-year Maoist insurgency and the overthrow of the centuries-old monarchy, failed in this task. A constitution is always difficult and here each clause requires a two-thirds majority in the assembly, in a country of 27 million people with more than 100 ethnic groups and languages.

A major disagreement is whether and how to divide the country into a federal system based on ethnic groups or geography.

The prospects do not look good, certainly no single party will win a majority and continuing instability is likely.

The latest newsletter from our Mission Partners Malcolm and Cati Ramsay is here.

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