Francis Abad village in Pakistan attacked by extremist mob

Our friends in Pakistan tell us that the Christian village of Francis Abad, which is within Gujranwala City, was attacked by extremist groups on 3 April. It appears that a group attacked Christians in Francis Abad while they were in the church for worship. At least four Christians are wounded and police officials are now present in the area to control the situation.

Francis Abad is a big Christian Colony situated at the Sheikhupura Road in Gujranwala, there is now a very tense situation in the area and many fear a repeat of the crisis that took place at Joseph Colony Badami Bhag in Lahore in March.

On Easter Day there were arguments among Christians and Muslims in the area when Easter Sunday worship in the many different Churches in Francis Colony was objected to by Muslims. Mosque loud speakers around Francis Colony were used to gather Muslims and mobs attacked churches, destroyed shops owned by Christians, damaged Christian homes and injured women and children.

On Wednesday a mob gathered around Francis Colony and shots were fired injuring four Christians and fifteen others were injured with sticks.

Please pray for the Christian residents of Francis Abad Colony Gujranwala.

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