Kenya Siege - responses to messages of support

The letters below are responses to messages of support sent by Dr Bunmi Olayisade Partnership Co-ordinator Africa for the Methodist Church in Britain following the Nairobi shopping mall siege.

Dear Dr. Bunmi,

Receive greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

We are touched and greatly moved by your concern for our country. It has been tough but God is faithful. Many Kenyans lost loved ones and others are still recovering in hospital.

During this period, Kenyans came together and supported one another through prayers, blood donations, financial support and all ways possible to show solidarity. The Methodist Church in Kenya donated Kshs. 100,000.00 to the Red Cross Society who are involved in the rescue and treatment process.

We pray for Peace, Love, Unity and above all, Gods guidance and protection.

We are thankful for your prayers and support.

May the good Lord Bless you abundantly.

Kind Regards,



Rev. Joseph Ntombura Mwaine



Dear Bunmi,

Thank you for thinking about us at this time when we are all distraught about what is happening and the pain that we go through (some more than others).

We at the PROCMURA Central Office have not been physically and directly affected. We are, however professionally affected as the events of Saturday, September 21 in more ways than one, have a bearing on what we have been working hard to transform minds against. Terrorism that rides on religious brain washing can be worse than any other form of its kind.

Keep us in mind as we plan to pick the pieces once the current mayhem subsides.

Once again we would like to thank you and all your colleagues for remembering us.


Johnson Mbillah
General Adviser
Programme for Christian-Muslim Relations in Africa (PROCMURA)

PROCMURA is a Pan African Christian organisation dedicated to Christian constructive engagement with Muslims in witness, mutual tolerance and collaboration towards peace and peaceful co-existence for the holistic  development of the human family. Founded in 1959, PROCMURA is the oldest and sole programme of the Churches in Africa that stretches a hand of friendship
to the Muslim community with a vision of a continent where religious communities can live with their differences in peace. Well established in 20 African countries, and visible in 10 more others, PROCMURA have well trained grassroots workers (men and women) on the complexity of Christian-Muslim relations.

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