March World Church Bulletin


Jesus, as he wept in the Garden of Gethsemane, said, "Your will be done." There was no condition to this statement. Jesus was simply saying, "If I can't have it my way, God, do it your way." How often have we felt God calling us to do something we were not comfortable with?  How often have we felt that what God is asking of us is too much for us to bear? Suffice to say that this is typical of the Christian journey all over the world, when we allow God to stretch us and mould us into the likeness of Christ. It can hurt at times, and it certainly isn't comfortable!

It is quite a privilege to write to you from a place where one regularly gets to hear about God's remarkable will being done all over the world through our Partner Churches. We have often said that many of our overseas partners live through challenges and limitations that we in the UK can only shudder at the thought of. But as we see God's mission unfolding all over the world, we can be encouraged and challenged that regardless of the difficulties they face, God's will is being put into practice in their churches and organisations and is producing much fruit for the kingdom and for those lives touched by God's mission.

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We hope this March edition will continue to inspire you in your journey with God.

Wishing you every blessing!

The World Church Relationships Team


PHOTO: English-speaking youth group in Kyrgyzstan run by NMA programme postholder Yulia Starodubets.

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