More Prayers for Bangladesh

Following the collapse of a garment factory building in Dhaka in April 2013 where over 1,127 people were killed, at least nine people have been killed in a fire at another garment factory in the Bangladeshi town of Gazipur, 40km north of the capital, Dhaka. The fire raged for 10 hours, and although most were able to escape, this once again highlights the terrible working conditions faced by workers in the garment trade, and how little has been done to improve them. These series of incidents have raised global concern, and representatives from the Methodist Church attended a launch at Methodist Central Hall on 5 September to tackle the issue of workers' rights. Read more about that here.

Join us in prayer for Bangladesh, for garment workers working in hazardous conditions, for the families of those who have lost loved ones, but especially for justice for Bangladeshi garment workers.

If your prayer moves you to action, why not follow this link to find a sample letter you can send to clothing retailers next time you buy an article of clothing.

Join the campiagn on social media and #LookBehindTheLabel 

Listen to the Podcast to find out more: Bangladesh: The Real Cost of Clothing

The campaign materials are attached for your information: a  leaflet  and an insert.

Do get in touch with us if you receive any responses from retailers

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