Moving Mountains, Reshaping the World-Calling all Methodist Youth!


The Global Young Adult Festival
1-6 July 2013

The Festival will gather together with around 500 young people, between the ages of 18 - 35. Uniting from all over the world, they will address important issues such as Environmental Sustainability, Economic Justice, Human Rights, and Community, which present unique challenges to this generation. The theme of the event will be Moving Mountains, Reshaping the World, and the vision is to enact small miracles to counter injustices relating to these issues. As you join up with other young adults, you will take a good look at the unjust realities that exist around us and examine how Christian theologies call us to relevant action. In other words, this will not be merely an academic conference or worship experience, but will also educate, empower, and mobilize passionate young adults to actually get out in the community and act.

For more info and booking see Sabeel's website.

25th Anniversary of Palestinian Liberation Theology
 and Pre-Conference Methodist Tour
19-25 November 2013 (pre-conference Methodist tour dates to be confirmed)

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Join Sabeel in celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Palestinian Liberation Theology. There will be a pre-conference Methodist Tour which aims to give participants education along with the opportunity to visit to some holy sites for first-timers. More details will shortly be provided.


Full-sized flyer for 25th Anniversary of Palestinian Liberation Theology


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