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We are supporting our Partner Church, the Church of Bangladesh, in its efforts both to help those families who continue to suffer after the terrible garment factory building collapse in Dhaka where over 1,127 people were killed in April 2013, and also to campaign for improvements in the working conditions of others in the garment trade who are working in similar environments.

I represent the Methodist Church on the Bangladesh Group which has met regularly for many years to coordinate our support for and cooperation with the Church of Bangladesh. The group launched a campaign at the behest of the Church of Bangladesh at Methodist Central Hall on 5 September to tackle the issue of workers' rights.

You can listen to me talking about the issue in this podcast

Keep an eye out for the hashtags  #Lookbehindthelabe #garmentworkers #Bangladesh  on social media. (Please send me copies of replies you get from retailers and MPs!)

We are working with  All We Can  which in turn is partnering with War on Want in the campaign.

Learn more from our partners in the Bangladesh Group:

Church Mission Society

Church of Scotland

The Anglican Alliance


One Year On: Rana Plaza Building Collapse

On the 24th April 2013, over 1,100 people were killed and 2,500 injured when the Rana Plaza building collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. One year on, is a good time to reflect on the progress that has been made and what we still have to do; we cannot afford to forget these tragedies and allow things to continue largely as they were once the flurry of media attention dies away.

We have worked over the year with our Partner Church, the Church of Bangladesh and with other campaigners. Follow this link to learn more from War on Want and All We Can.

Learn more

Click here to read about how life is for some of the survivors of the tragedy.

Click Here to read a speech by the British High Commissioner to mark the anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster. 

Together we can do enough to make a real change for our sisters and brothers in Bangladesh!

Please do all you can to support this.

Best wishes

Steve Pearce - Partnership Co-ordinator Asia-Pacific

Further news:

The increasing pressure that we have been putting on retailers to sign up to the safety deals in Bangladesh is working. Arcadia, the owner of Topshop, finally signed up to the international deal on Friday, nearly five months after 1,129 people died when the Rana Plaza factory building near Dhaka collapsed. River Island is now being left isolated as they still refuse to sign. Read more here. Don't forget to #LookBehindtheLabel 

16 September 2013 (The Guardian)

Jane Deith reports from Dhaka on what's happened since the collapse of the Rana Plaza. She highlights how the Bangladeshi government continues to limit the power of trade unions and is accused of failing to act against powerful manufacturing bosses when people die in their factories.However the safety campaigners maintain that Western brands pulling out of Bangladesh would be the worst result for the country's four million garment workers and the families who rely on their earnings. Listen to the latest here.

15 September 2013 (BBC Radio 4) 

International clothing makers have failed to reach a deal on the creation of a compensation fund for victims of two Bangladeshi factory disasters after only a third of the retailers who used the factories turned up for a two-day meeting on the issue in Geneva. Read details here.

13 September 2013 (BBC News)

Christian Today attended the launch event on 5 September, you can read " Silence is no Longer an Option" to find out more, as well as our recent press release " A Church Call to Action: Justice for Bangladeshi Garment Workers". 

7 September 2013 (Christian Today)

A Bangladeshi union leader on his way to the TUC Conference warns UK retailers that the Rana Plaza tragedy could happen again if they don't sign up to the international safety accord, one of the central requests in the church campaign. Read details here.

7 September 2013 (Ekklesia)

Survivors of the garment factory collapse are still suffering 5 months on after the tragedy. So far, none of the 4,000 families affected by the Rana Plaza disaster have received the full payments promised by the government or association, says the Bangladesh Institute of Labor Studies, a labor advocacy organization. Read details  here.

7 September 2013 (The Washington Post)

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