Please Pray for Bangladesh...

Mission partner Pat Jamieson in Bangladesh has asked that we pray with her for the current political situation in Bangladesh. She writes:

 "For five weeks we have had hortals called Sunday-Thursday with a reprieve at the weekends. As I have shared before, the blockades and violence has continued since 5th January. This week a warrant has been issued for the arrest of Khaleda Zia (leader of BNP party). She has not attended court on seven different occasions and therefore if she doesn't attend today she supposedly will be arrested. She is to attend court in Old Dhaka at 10.30am and her party has asked for conditions if she does attend and one of them is that she will receive bail. In anticipation of what may happen many NGO offices and schools which normally stay open throughout hortals including Grace International where my friend's children attend and The American International School have all closed.

We are all hoping and praying everyone is just being very cautious. As I write this at 10.30am I am also praying that sense and peace will prevail in this very unsettled, troubled, society. It is raining so hopefully it will keep those who have been throwing petrol and cocktail bombs, smashing cars and causing mayhem in many areas off the streets. 

Please continue to pray for parties to come together, violence to end and that things will return to some form of normality for this land (whatever normality is). Pray also for children unable to attend school Sunday-Thursday and especially those sitting extremely important exams which will determine their future school/college choice."


For more information, please read Pat's newsletters, available here


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