Please Pray for Pakistan

The Methodist Church joins with other faith communities in praying for the families of the 15 people killed in Sunday's explosions at two churches in Lahore and for the 80 people who have been injured. While Christians form little more than 2% of Pakistan's population, this part of Lahore is the country's most densely populated Christian colony, with about 40,000 members in fifty churches. Both churches that were attacked attract over 300 worshippers every Sunday.


Loving and merciful God,

We pray for peace in the face of these frightening attacks on congregations in Lahore,

Even as we fear for the safety of worshippers and those who protect them.

We express to you our longing for communal harmony and a respect for all faiths.

May those affected by these explosions and those now fearful for their future know the assurance of your presence and the prayers of their brothers and sisters around the world.

We remember especially those who lost their lives or were injured as they carried out their duties protecting the congregations and pray for all security guards who will continue to protect churches and schools across Pakistan.

Help us to take all opportunities to work and speak for peace, between peoples and between religions, within countries and within families. 


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