Please Pray for the People of Managua

The World Mission Fund recently agreed a grant of £9,310 for the Methodist Church in Nicaragua, in order to help the church provide emergency relief to approximately 3,000 people in Managua who have been affected by heavy rainfall.

Nicaragua, on top of being the poorest country in Central America, is a country which has to contend with a number of natural disasters each year. In October, heavy rainfall caused 32,000 people to be made homeless in Managua, with around 24 deaths. The situation is more worrying considering how flood waters can cause the spread of mosquito born diseases such as Chikungunya fever and dengue fever. 5,000 people are currently living in shelters. Having visited one such shelter, the head of the church in Nicaragua observed the insufficient emergency food relief for those taking refuge there. The Methodist Church in Nicaragua would therefore like to support the affected community by offering meals to as many people as possible at this shelter.

Sandra Lopez, Partnership Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean, and Revd Ken Howcroft, President of the Methodist Conference will be visiting Nicaragua in December, where they will be able to witness what impact this relief has had.


Please do remember the people of Managua in your prayers.

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