Please Pray For Those Suffering From the Ebola Virus

Bunmi Olayisade, Partnership Coordinator for Africa, sends the message below in regards to the on-going spread of the Ebola Virus across Sierra Leone and Liberia in particular:


Warm Christian greetings!

I am writing to kindly request continued prayers for our West African friends affected by the ongoing Ebola virus. Earlier this week (6/10/14), it was reported that 121 people died in one day in Sierra Leone as a result of the Ebola pandemic. The population of Sierra Leone was just above 6 million and Liberia just over 4 million earlier this year. However, the  spread of the Ebola virus has crippled commerce, social events, religious activities, education sectors, community structures and movement across the region. People are living under tense and fearful conditions.

We thank God for the recent international response to provide more human and material resources to assist Liberia and Sierra Leone with the long ongoing Ebola epidemic. In both countries the health sectors are overwhelmed, with an increasing number of deaths among frontline medical staff.

I have been in touch with Bishop Beah (the President of the Methodist Church in Sierra Leone) this week, and he is grateful for our support and has asked for prayers too. To date, the Methodist Church in Britain has sent two grants totalling £22,500 to Sierra Leone to aid with the Ebola outbreak. I wish to thank all doners for their support. Please find a prayer for use below:

O Lord, God of our salvation, we have cried out day and night before you.

Let our prayers come before you; Incline your ear to our cry.

For our souls are full of troubles and our lives draw near to the grave.

We are counted with those who go down to the pit; like people with no strength, give ear, O Lord, to our prayers and attend to the voice of our supplications.

In the day of trouble we will call upon you, for you will answer us.

Preserve our lives, for you are our God; Save your servants who trust in you!

Be merciful to us, O Lord, for you are good and abundant in mercy to all those who call upon you

In Jesus name we pray, Amen.


On the 10 October 2014, 9.45-10.00amMartyn Atkins, General Secretary of the Methodist Conference, will be leading the live act of worship on Radio 4 long wave, which will focus very much on the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone.

Please do tune in if you can.  

Thank you and God bless,


Partnership Coordinator for Africa

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