Prayer and Action for Peace on the Korean Peninsula

Prayer and Action for Peace on the Korean Peninsula

"Commitment to peace in Korea is an important task of the ecumenical movement."

60 years ago, on 27 July 1953, the armistice agreement was signed that brought an end to the devastating war in Korea. However, no peace treaty has ever yet been agreed.

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary you are invited to use the prayer below written by the Korean churches and perhaps include it in your Sunday worship on the 28th and to participate in the signature campaign for a peace treaty initiated by the National Council of Churches in Korea (NCCK).

Sign it here.

 NCCK July 27th prayer for peace in the Korean peninsula


60 years after the armistice agreement we were not able to establish peace in the Korean peninsula. We are living in a sad reality as we are still pointing weapons at each other. After being freed from Japanese occupation, nobody would have thought of a division between North and South Korea. As we were finally independent we have dreamed of a bright future. However, the unwanted intervention of superpowers, and the confrontation of ideologies, led to a war among one people that never should have happened. The wounds of war were so severe they could not be healed, and left nothing but tears.


heal completely our wounds that were caused by the war and division.

Father, hear our sincere prayers. Many had to die without those wounds being healed.

Lord, watch over us and show us your mercy.

 In this year of the 60th anniversary of the armistice agreement, help us to sign a peace treaty and to overcome the failures of our past, so that we can become a fellowship of reconciliation and peace. Let us not treat each other like enemies as we are one people.

Give us one heart to understand and respect each other as one nation.

 Through your kingdom let the divided peninsula turn into a new peaceful world.

In the past we lived for the hope of a peaceful reunification.

Lord, grant us a bright future and let us become a unified fellowship of peace.

 In the name of Jesus through whom we are one body, we pray.


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