Prayer for the Methodist Church in Fiji and Rotuma

A prayer for the Methodist Church in Fiji and Rotuma following the
death of Rev. Dr. Tuikilakila Waqairatu.

"Creator God  and Lover of all people, we thank you for the late
President of the Methodist Church in Fiji and Rotoma, the Rev. Dr. Tuikilakila Waqairatu who kept the faith and made witness for Christ; championing reconciliation; upholding the truth, resisting evil and laboring for freedom, justice with love. Grant that his commitment and devotion may bring bounteous fruits in the church and society of Fiji and in this generation and generations to come.

Comfort, O Lord, all who mourn for the loss of those near and dear to them; especially the spouse of the late President of the Methodist Church in Fiji and Rotuma, Jioana and the only daughter Salote.  Be with them in their sorrow; give them faith to look beyond the present trouble, to know that neither life nor death can separate them from your love that is in Jesus Christ.

Bestow, O Lord your heavenly grace upon all who are called to be fellow-workers with you, your church in Fiji and in the world, that by our witness Christ may be lifted up in every land and all people may be drawn to Him.  In time of such a tragic loss, and weariness cheer us with your presence; in disappointment give us patience, in the press of affairs keep our spirits fresh;  in success keep us humble of hearts; in failure strengthen us to persevere. Make your people joyful in service and at all times, deepen our sense of dependence on you and give us peace in your Service; through Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN"

 In Fijian:

  "Na Dauveibuli na Kalou Dau Loloma, keimami vakavinavinaka vei kemuni ena nona bula na Qase Levu sa qai vakacegu ko Talatala Tuikilakila Waqairatu; o koya a maroroya na vakabauta, a vakadinadinataki kemuni ena nona bula, a liutaka na veiqaravi ni veivakaduavatataki,  a maroroya ka taqomaka na nomuni Dina, dau saqata na veika ca, ka vakadinadinataka tikoga na nomuni dodonu ka sala vata kei na nomuni loloma. Keimami kerei kemuni, ena vua ni nona bula dauveiqaravi, me keimami kunea kina na veivakalougatataki ena lotu kei na vanua enai taba tamata oqo kei ira era na muri mai.

Ni solia na vakacegu, Turaga, vei ira era tagicaka na wekadra ka tiki ni nodra bula, vakauasivi ko Radi ni Talatala Joana kei na luvedrau duabau ga ko Salote.  Ni tiko kei rau ena gauna ni rarawa kei na yaluma oqo, mo ni vakadeitaka vei rau ni sa sega ni rawata na bula se na mate me tawasei rau mai na nomuni loloma na Kalou sa mai vakaraitaka na Turaga ko Jisu Karisito.

Kemuni na Kalou, ni solia mada na nomuni loloma tawa yalani dauveivukei vei keimami sa
veitokani ena vakabauta ena qaravi ni cakacaka ena nomuni lotu e Viti kei na vuravura raraba.  Ena neimami vakadinadinataki Karisito tiko me kila kina na yacamuni ka vakalagilagi kemuni ka mera lako mai na tamata ka cuva vei kemuni. Ena gauna ni rarawa kei na yaluma keimami sotava tiko, ni vueti keimami ena nomuni vakadeitaka ni ko ni sa tiko vata kei keimami; ena gauna ni lecaika, ni solia vei keimami na vosota vakadede; ni bibi nai colacola, ni vukei keimami me mamada kina; ni rawa vakavinaka nai tavi, ni solia vei keimami na yalo malumalumu me keimami kakua sara ni dokadokai keimami; ni keimami vakacalaka ka sega ni rawata na veika keimami nakita,  ni vakadeitaki keimami ena nomuni loloma dauveivosoti.

Ni vukei keimami na nomuni tamata na Kalou me keimami rekitaka tiko na dauveiqaravi ena veigauna kecega, ni vakadeitaka na neimami vakararavi ka vakabauti kemuni, ni solia na nomuni Vakacegu ni keimami veiqaravi voli ena nomuni vuravura: ena yaca I Jisu Karisito na neimami Turaga. EMENI."


An Appreciation by Steve Pearce, Partnership Co-ordinator Asia-Pacific

This is a truly sad time for the Methodist Church in Fiji as it mourns the loss of its President, a widely loved and respected leader and our thoughts and prayers are with his family and the whole Church in Fiji and Rotuma.

I met with Tui several times over recent years and they were always memorable occasions as he was a man who enjoyed conversation, be it grappling with how faith should relate to politics, how Christian morality should relate to twenty-first century life or how Rugby was faring in Fiji.

He was a church leader of stature, thinking carefully about growing and developing the church through difficult times.

As the Fiji Church begins its year of celebrations to mark fifty years as an autonomous conference it will have much to think about in the legacy left by its late President, as Revd Tui had been strongly indicating new directions in its relationship with government and in internal policies and priorities.

It will be some comfort to the family that two days before his death he was able to take his only child down the aisle for her wedding.


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