Prayers for Bangladesh


We pray for the people of Bangladesh on the 16th August. Please remember especially those employed in clothing factories, a vital industry for the families of this poor country, but one which often treats its workers badly. 

If your prayer moves you to action, follow this link to find a letter from the Moderator of the Church of Bangladesh, some ideas for 'What Next?' and a letter you can send to the shop next time you buy an article of clothing.

Sample Letter to Clothing Retailers

Savar Tragedy Update

What Next?:  What You Can Do?

Join the campiagn on social media and #LookBehindTheLabel 

Listen to the Podcast to find out more: Bangladesh: The Real Cost of Clothing

The campaign materials are attached for your information: a  leaflet  and an insert.

Do get in touch if you would like to know more or wish to attend the launch on the 5th.


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