PROCMURA Statement on Nigerian Abductions

Dear Partners and Friends of PROCMURA,

Greetings from the Central Office.

Many of you have written to us concerning the situation in Nigeria, especially the
abduction of over 200 school girls, Boko Haram claim responsibility.  As you are
all aware, it is not custom for PROCMURA to issue press releases or write mails
to people when situations of violence occur and religion is known to have been
misused to perpetrate it.  We always prefer to act.  In this particular extraordinary situation, so many people are affected; there is a lot of pain; many around the world are devastated; As a result of this, it is simply impossible for PROCMURA to be quiet.  We have consulted extensively and decided to issue a press statement which is being distributed widely, and also given to the authorities in Nigeria.

I have been away in Tanzania for a Christian-Muslim gathering and therefore failed to
respond to the several inquiries from many of you even when some of you went an extra mile to send your concerns to my personal mail box.  We sincerely apologise for keeping you in suspense.

We encourage all who are willing and their institutions allow, to add your voice to the many voices that are speaking loudly.  This will help echo the unheard or unlistened to voices of those directly affected in Nigeria.

Attached is the PROCMURA press statement.

Yours Sincerely

Johnson Mbillah

General Adviser


Programme for Christian-Muslim Relations in Africa (PROCMURA)

P. O. Box 66099

00800 Nairobi


Tel: +254 (020) 444 5181 / 445 1342

Fax: +254 (020) 444 5182



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