Typhoon in the Philippines

Philippines - Typhoon Haiyan

The breathtaking destruction caused by Haiyan has troubled us all this week.

Many people have asked whether we have particular partnerships in the Philippines and the answer is that we don't since Methodism in that country is historically of the American tradition, i.e. the United Methodist Church (UMC). The Methodist family is therefore responding through UMCOR, the United Methodist Committee on Relief. Money you send for the Philippines to the World Mission Fund or to MRDF will be channelled to UMCOR or to the ACT Alliance (part of the World Council of Churches) and we urge you to respond if you can.


Meanwhile our prayers for God's people affected by this tragedy continue,

Loving God,

We know and feel your caring love for all your creation,

Be with your people in the Philippines, especially those struggling to find shelter, food and water.

May their searching be successful;

May they encounter acts of kindness and know of the world's concern for their plight.

We pray for all those affected by natural disaster and those working to bring aid;

Help us as we continually seek to reflect your loving nature through our prayers and actions,

Today and always.


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