Update on political situation in Nepal

Mark Galpin, Executive Director of our partner, United Mission to Nepal, has written to the Methodist Church in Britain to update us all on the political situation in Nepal, as follows:
'Dear Friends,

I am writing to briefly update you on the current situation in Nepal. The deadline for the Constituent Assembly passed at midnight last night. Despite a number of attempts by political leaders, the Supreme Court ruled that there could be no further extension of the CA after this point. After protracted negotiations over the last few days, political parties could not come to an agreement on the issue of federalism, particularly the number of states and the ethnicity issue, including the names and boundaries of these states.

Due to this failure, the CA has been disbanded from this point on and the current Maoist-led Government has declared that a new CA will be elected in November. The key non-Maoist parties (Nepali Congress, UML etc) have resigned from the Government in protest at this, and a final decision is awaited from the President - probably later today. At this time things seem to be relatively quiet across the country, though it remains to be seen how the situation develops. The extensive strikes across the country over the last few weeks have significantly affected our work, as most staff have not been able to travel for planned visits, but all our staff have remained safe. In the current uncertainty, we have instituted a restriction on staff travel, but will review and lift this if all remains quiet.

We would urge you to continue to hold Nepal in your prayers at this critical juncture.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Galpin
Executive Director'

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