Update on the Pakistan floods


The World Mission Fund has sent a grant of £10,000 to Community World Service for flood relief work in Pakistan. This money will help some of those displaced, hungry and sick to receive food and healthcare.


Monsoon rains struck Pakistan in the third week of July and still continue to fall. As a result of the heavy monsoon rains and melting of glaciers in the north of country, there has been widespread flooding in different regions of the country. It is clear that around 750,000 people have already been affected.

Our partners in Pakistan have started distributing a month's food supply to 5,000 of the neediest families who have been left with nothing. These families are receiving wheat flour, rice, lentils, cooking oil, sugar, tea and matches. Emergency food supplies are also being distributed to families stranded on the embankments of the River Indus in Ghotki, Qadirpur, Upper Sindh Province. However, the river embankments on which many thousands of families are stranded are so narrow that it is difficult to move vehicles around, to get help to them. It is also hard to raise the money that pays for such help. Even a small intervention now can make a big difference.

Please click here to watch this video from our partner, Community World Service in Pakistan

If you would like to give, you may do so via Christian Aid here. 



The death toll in the Pakistan floods has reached 145, and 400,000 people have had to leave their homes so far.  The situation can only get worse as the rain continues and huge volumes of water flow across the country. Please pray for the people affected and for those, like our partners Community World Service, who are trying to help people.

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