World Church grant sent to China

World Mission Fund has sent £10,000 to help our Partner the Amity Foundation bring some relief to victims of the earthquake in China.

At 8:02 am, April 20, Beijing time, an earthquake of 7.0 magnitude struck Ya'an in southwestern Sichuan Province. By April 22, the number of death rose to 188, while another 25 reported missing, 11460 injured and 1.5 million affected. 2,044 aftershocks have been felt .

The epicenter is located in Lu'an County of Ya'an with a population of 120,000. The county borders We in the north where a devastating earthquake took place in 2008, when more than 80,000 people lost their lives. However, experts are not of the opinion that it is one of the after quakes of the Wenchuan earthquake.

The Amity Foundation, on learning the situation, has taken immediate action to provide emergency aid.

Ya'an is well known for the abundant rainfall throughout the year. Weather reports this morning (April 22) predicts rainfall till Thursday which would result in more landslides and adds difficulties to the rescue work.

Two Amity staff members, Mr. Shu Junsong and Mr. Zhang Chao hurried off to Ya'an and arrived in Chengdu, capital city of Sichuan Province on the early hours of 21st subject themselves to the strong aftershocks as a number of buildings near them collapsed for the second or third time.

Amity staff are currently working in two townships that are heavily affected, namely Tianquan Township and Baoxing Township. The first batch of relief materials have already arrived at Tianquan Middle School.

Tianquan school has a total of 2600 students, among whom, 800 affected are mostly the grade 12 students who board at school. After the quake, students have been vacated to the tents on the playground. Arriving with the first Amity relief truck were bottled water, sausages, instant noodles as well as 15 tents housing 30 to 40 people each. The extent to which the lives of so many survivors is affected was illustrated by the response of the Principal of Tianquan Middle school who said that it is only around 50 days before the national university entrance examination and the big tents will be very helpful for students' preparation for the most crucial exam of their life.

On Friday 26th April Amity reported,

'30 cotton quilts, 400 kilos of rice are among the relief materials distributed today in Qipan Village, Beijiao Township while the 4th shipment of relief materials, including 15 tons of rice, 1000 buckets of cooking oil, 500 quilts are on the way from Chengdu, capital city of Sichuan to Yaan.

Among 853 villagers of Qipan village, Beijiao Township, Yucheng District, Ya'an, 100 people of 25 households were severely affected. Being away from the very epicenter, the village seemed to be neglected. One bottle of mineral water, one box of instant noodles and one box of biscuits were all of the food each victim received since the quake took place.

Amity relief materials came at the most needy time for the people. Though challenged by the difficult road situation, aftershocks and natural conditions, the smiles on the faces of the victims are the best reward for the Amity relief team.'

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