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We live in an ever-changing world and so need to find new ways of engaging with people using every resource at our disposal. Fresh expressions seek to work with people who are not already part of an existing church and often these new ways of being church reach into diverse cultures that the inherited church tends not to touch.

The fresh expression through social media called  'd-church' aims to explore spirituality and create community in an online world. We do this by hosting a monthly on line gathering and a weekly 'reflection'.

The team facilitating this have been working together for over one year and feel that the growth of d-church has outstripped original expectation. 289 people now 'like' the page, which means they have regular access to the on-line monthly service.

The largest group of people accessing this are in the 35-44 age group. An example of the projects reach comes from one of our on-line gatherings. During the time of prayer, 18 people contributed something to the prayer wall, 155 accessed the prayers and at least 215 saw the prayers.

On occasion the reach has extended to several hundred people at a time - the most popular post reached over 740 people. D-church has become a regular 'meeting' place for some Christians for whom gathered worship is not always easily accessible.

The team are particularly delighted to have made contact with several people who are on the edge of church or faith. Consideration is currently being given to how to develop this project. We have recently set up a blog for d-church and so far in the two months this has been live we have had 765 views and this grows weekly.

With our top post getting 44 hits just last month. You can find dchurch: Facebook Twitter Blog

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