Young Methodists to offer service of Remembrance on Twitter

Young Methodists will be holding two special services of Remembrance on social networking website Twitter at 10.15am GMT on Friday 11 and Sunday 13 November.

Thought to be the first Remembrance service of its kind in Britain, Twitter Remembrance ( will feature prayers and readings as well as hymns and music linked from YouTube. There will also be a two-minute Twitter silence to remember those who have fallen in battle. The elements of the service will be live-tweeted by @Poppy_Tweet and will include contributions from a variety of people, including the President of the Methodist Conference, the Revd Leo Osborn.

James Thomas, from Cardiff, came up with the idea. "I started the project on Wednesday night when I realised that no one had done a Twitter-based Remembrance service before, so I decided to start one," he said. "We hope to engage young people and other people who wouldn't otherwise engage with Remembrance, whilst raising awareness for the Royal British Legion, Peace Pledge Union and other related charities."

Revd Joanne Cox, Evangelism in Contemporary Culture Officer for the Methodist Church in Britain, has written a special Twitter sermon, designed to be delivered in a number of short tweets. She said: "Remembrance is a powerful opportunity for us all to stop in the midst of life. As we stop, and as we remember people who have fought for peace in so many different ways, we are also responding to the invitation to be people of peace and courage ourselves."

The group aims to bring a traditional Remembrance service experience to those who are unable to attend a formal act of remembrance for any reason. It is run entirely by volunteers and, although it is not formally affiliated with the Royal British Legion and the Peace Pledge Union, the group hopes to raise awareness for these, and similar, organisations.

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