All We Can appoints Deputy Chief Executive


To confirm its commitment to expanding its innovative relief and development programmes, All We Can recently welcomed Graeme Hodge as its new Deputy Chief Executive.

Graeme has considerable experience and personal knowledge of working and living overseas, having been involved in both international development and public engagement initiatives focused on social justice, poverty alleviation and community action. He joins All We Can with a passion for ending extreme poverty, and believes that we all play an essential role in this ambitious aim, and said, "I am privileged to have joined this work both at this stage in my career and also at this time of growth and development for All We Can. I am part of a team that is prepared to challenge supporters, and those who are yet to engage with our work, to do all we can to live in a way that loves, honours and respects our neighbours and the planet we all share."

Maurice Adams, Chief Executive at All We Can, is delighted to have Graeme as his Deputy to help lead its committed team that is focused on alleviating poverty in some of the world's poorest communities through dynamic local partnerships. Maurice stated, "Graeme has joined the organisation at a crucial and exciting phase of its development and I look forward to what he will add to the leadership and ultimately the impact of this long-established, but newly invigorated, organisation".  

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