Supporting Ministers who are unwell

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The Methodist Church has produced resources to support ministers experiencing ill health or impairment.

The electronic guides provide advice about supporting those on sick leave, using case studies and information about work/life balance issues, stress, mental health, disabilities and well-being.

A guide on risk assessment and a superintendents' checklist are also available to download from the Wellbeing section of Methodist Church website. In addition, a study guide for use by individuals and groups on developing a healthy and sustainable ministry is also available.

Tony Tidey, Wellbeing Officer for the Methodist Church, said: "Our research indicates that the reasons for ministerial absence mirror those in the general population. For short term absence, the reasons are the expected ones of coughs, colds and flu. For longer term absences, the key reasons are acute conditions such as heart attack or cancer, or stress and mental health issues. In these guides, we look at how to provide support across a wide range of conditions and issues."

The good practice guides were developed following a request from the Methodist Conference for clear advice about how to support and work with ministers who experience ill health or impairment.

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