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A Guide to the Methodist Modern Art Collection

The 'admirable Methodist Collection' - so says the eminent critic Richard Cork, in his foreword to this booklet which provides an introduction to the varied works of the Collection. Available from Methodist Publishing (£5 + p&p) or call 0845 017 8220.

The commentaries on the works in the web gallery are based on those in A Guide to the Methodist Art Collection.* They have been edited by Katharine Farnham-Dear MA Cantab, BA (Hons) Art History. Katharine is a member of the Methodist Church and was introduced to the Collection by the Revd Geoff Cornell who took a leading role in the management of the Collection until his death in 2014.

*written by Roger Wollen, with additional contributions by Miriam Davies, John N Gibbs, Graham Kent and Sarah Middleton. This 65-page full colour booklet - with its 2017 Supplement - is available to purchase here, and contains longer commentaries on all the works in the Collection.



March 2018 - a new booklet of 24 postcards from the Methodist Modern Art Collection is now available from Methodist Publishing, price £4.99 plus postage. Order online or call 0845 017 8220 for further details.


Other resources

A critique of the paintings in the MMAC by Francis Hoyland as presented at the opening of an exhibition of the Collection at the Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, January 2003. (Please note - not all works in this critique are available on this website due to copyright restrictions(

Making the Most of the Methodist Modern Art Collection - a leaflet designed to provide organisers of exhibitions of the Collection with some ideas to help them make the most of the event. (Word doc)

Praying with Art 
Sarah Middleton introduces the Methodist Modern Art Collection and its resource Creative Spirit, as well as offering a way to reflect on pictures and use them as an aid to prayer. 

Theology and Art - a reflection on the use of art in the Church.

Friends Newletters - keep up to date with news via the twice-yearly Friends newsletter

A Review of the Collection by Culture Northern Ireland

Ways of looking - A helpful guide to looking at pictures from the Tate Gallery

The Public Catalogue Foundation - A project aimed to catalogue all oil and acrylic paintings in public ownership in the UK. The fundamental idea was that the public owned works of art they never saw, and to bring them into view. That then went on line as ‘ArtUK’. Although the Methodist Modern Art Collection is not a participating body as it is not a public one, its eligible works are included under Oxford Brookes University (OBU) where most of the Collection is housed when not touring.

The Pool of Bethesda - by Edward Burra - an illustrated talk by Revd Bruce Thompson.

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