4 December 2007

Genesis 8:1-19; 9:8-13

"But God remembered..." (v.1)


This is a much-loved part of the ark story: when the birds were sent out to test whether the water was receding and the rainbow that appeared when Noah, his family and all the animals left the ark. It has been told countless times in Sunday Schools and Junior Church.

God does not forget us. We have no need to be impatient. Noah was not in the ark for 40 days and nights - that was only how long it rained. If you add up the time that it took for the water to go away and for the land to be ready for them all to leave the ark there would have been months of waiting. God made sure that the time was right, and Noah and his family had to be patient.

And then there was God's covenant - a promise for all time and a promise for all people. With this week's theme of the inclusion of everyone in the kingdom and the importance of the Church ensuring it is a blueprint for the kingdom by including everyone, we can look to God's promises at the end of a testing time. We can take God's covenant for each of us as God does not leave any of us out.

To Ponder

Do we feel that God has sometimes forgotten us? Are we in that dark place waiting for a sign and the time to emerge into the light?

Are there people in our churches who we should be supporting as they are feeling that God has forgotten them?

Bible notes author

Helen Tyers

Helen Tyers is a Disabled Person who has a passion for understanding the message of the gospel and the scriptures in the context of the present not as part of our medieval past. The scriptures, along with the works of the early fathers and the Church through history should be embraced to help us understand the changing relationship we have with God and how God changes the response to us with the same message.