5 December 2007

Matthew 24:23-35

"They will gather his elect from the four winds... From the fig tree learn its lesson." (v. 31-32)


In the last week of his life, Jesus warns his disciples that there will be not only trying times, but there will also be those who would actively seek to lead people the wrong way, who would be false to the teachings of Christ and who spiritually steal and mug those who were seeking the truth. The wilderness was a place of bandits and we will not have to look for Christ hiding away. When Christ comes again it will be perfectly obvious and the whole world will know.

In my garden I have a variety of plants - a fig tree and olive tree and plants from Asia, America and the Southern hemisphere. Although spring comes at different times in those continents, they all manage to respond to the British spring at the same time. Whilst there may be a few days between the leaves arriving, they essentially come into leaf or start the cycle for fruit at the right time. They retain the characteristics and essential nature of a Mediterranean or Asian tree; they don't suddenly take on the appearance of my classic British plants. I often think how boring my garden would be without this variety.

We all have our seasons and we all bear fruit or flowers. We all have our place in the garden. The lesson I have learned from a variety of plants is the need to locate them in the right place, feed them the right food and wait for my little piece of the world to fulfil its promise. I have only one olive this year, but that makes it all the more special.

To Ponder

What are your false prophets?

Where are you looking to see Christ?

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Helen Tyers

Helen Tyers is a Disabled Person who has a passion for understanding the message of the gospel and the scriptures in the context of the present not as part of our medieval past. The scriptures, along with the works of the early fathers and the Church through history should be embraced to help us understand the changing relationship we have with God and how God changes the response to us with the same message.