27 October 2007

Micah 6:6-8

"With what shall I come before the LORD, and bow myself before God on high?" (v.6a)


Micah was speaking about 700-750 years before the birth of Christ. By this time the people of Israel had split into two kingdoms. During the time he was at work, the capital of Samaria (one of the two kingdoms) had been destroyed by Assyria (one of the neighbouring countries). The people amongst whom Micah was working were also feeling the pain of attacks by Assyria.

In these last two chapters of Micah, God is pictured as filing a lawsuit against the people. God has called on the mountains and hills as witnesses and reminded the people of the way he has led and rescued them so often in the past.

What will be their response to God? And what is ours? This is what today's verses try to answer. Perhaps sacrifices - animals, the harvest of the land, or even the offering of the firstborn son are what God is wanting.

But how can the physical put right what has gone wrong within - "the fruit of my body for the sin of my soul"(verse 7)?

Micah concludes that it is in what the people do and the way they live that they can meet God's requirements.

To Ponder

How do you come before God? With honesty, all laid bare?

How can you do justice?

From wrestling with God and with faith, what do you want to say or bring to God?

Bible notes author

Revd Helen White

Helen White is a Methodist minister, currently serving in the Wantage and Abingdon circuit in south Oxfordshire. She has particular responsibility for Blewbury, Didcot, Milton and Upton Methodist churches, as well as sharing in the work of other churches across the circuit.