9 December 2007

Matthew 3:1-12

"Prepare the way for the Lord, make his paths straight." (v.3)


John the Baptist's dress sense was, by our standards, pretty bad. The camel hair and leather belt design would not make the Milan catwalk. His food was not much better and his message with no video clips or PowerPoint presentation would definitely not have met with modern communication techniques.

John the Baptist, a man from a godly family, had always been a part of God's plan to touch and redeem this broken world. As a baby he leapt for joy in his mother's womb at Mary's news of the coming of Jesus and his life was spent making known the way of the Lord.

All John did and said pointed to the coming of God and his kingdom. Did John fully understand the implications of who Christ was? Did he truly grasp the impact of Jesus and the importance of the role he was playing?

Perhaps in part, but what was certain was his commitment to the role he was called to play in making known the message of God. His life was spent doing all he could to make sure people were ready, that barriers were cleared and obstructions removed so that all had a straight path to Jesus who would bring them something that John could not give.

To Ponder

What calling do you have from God to fulfil?

Have you ever had to stand out like John the Baptist because of your faith?

What must we as individuals and the Church as a whole do to make paths straight for the Lord this Advent?

Bible notes author

Revd Matt Finch

Matt Finch is a Methodist Minister in the West Norfolk Circuit where he shares oversight of ten rural chapels. He is a Fresh Expressions Associate Missioner and passionate about seeing churches flourish in all contexts and people groups.