28 October 2010

John 15:17-27

"Because you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world - therefore the world hates you." (v.19)


This reading is a reading of reassurance and reward. God has chosen us as children, and given us the Holy Spirit as teacher, counsellor and friend.

On the other hand, this reading is a warning of the consequences of faith. Those who are open to God will be open to the children of God; however those who resent God will also resent God's children. As Christians we are given huge blessings, but sometimes we take great risks also. Jesus came to earth as a man, and experienced the same joy as we do in our humanity. Jesus also experienced humankind at its very worst. God knows how difficult it can be to do what is right within a world where doing wrong has become acceptable. That is why Jesus came to earth, to show us that doing right is possible even in the most difficult circumstances. While God understands our human weaknesses, God does not allow us to make excuses for sin. We have been given guidance on what is right, and the Holy Spirit works alongside us to give us the strength to follow God's way.

In this world we are called to be a living example of how amazing God can be. We are called to try our best to do what is right and to recognise when we do wrong. This is what it means to be on God's side.

To Ponder

God has chosen each of us out of the world. How does this privileged status make you feel?

God knows the full joy and pain of human life. Are you able to thank God for understanding the highs and lows of your life? Why?

God has given us a perfect example of how to do what is right. To what extent do you make excuses for your sins, or are you able to take responsibility for your own choices?

Bible notes author

Mia Briggs

Mia Briggs used to be a local preacher. She is now a member of the student clergy in the Metropolitcan Community Church.