4 January 2011

John 1:35-42

"they followed Jesus" (v. 37)


All four Gospels have accounts of Jesus gathering a group of disciples. But John's is quite different from the other three Gospels. For one thing, Jesus' first two recruits are disciples of John the Baptist who have some inkling that the one to whom John the Baptist had borne witness has now arrived. The other Gospels make Simon a main character and his brother, Andrew is somewhat much in the background. Here, it is Andrew who follows Jesus first and then tells his brother about him. 

When John the Baptist sees Jesus walk by he says 'look, here is the Lamb of God!' (verse 36). As we saw yesterday, John's main role is as a witness to Jesus and here he clearly suggests to his own disciples that someone much more important has now arrived. In effect, he is saying, 'Here is the person you've really been waiting for.' So the disciples leave John and follow Jesus. 

There are two important things here. First, John points the way to Jesus. Second, the disciples go after Jesus to find out for themselves who he is and what they make of him. They have seen there is something special about him, and they want to know more.

To Ponder

"Lamb of God" (verse 35), "light of the world" (John 8:129:5) - these are just two of many titles used of Jesus. Which title(s) do you find helpful? Why?

Have you ever been able to point someone else towards Jesus? What happened? What did you discover about yourself and your faith in doing this?

Bible notes author

The Revd David Gamble

David Gamble is a Methodist minister currently serving as conference officer for Legal and Constitutional Practice and was president of the Methodist Conference 2009/2010. He is married to Liz and they have three adult children.