31 March 2011

Jeremiah 7:23-28

"Truth has perished; it is cut off from their lips." (v. 28)


Yesterday's reading was a reminder that God's law is unchanging and that God's people are to remain obedient to it. Today, there is a very different tone. The people of God have failed to follow the law. They are continuing with their sacrifices, but sacrifices don't mean anything without faith. In modern terms, the Israelites are worshipping God on Sunday and then forgetting God the rest of the week. Their reputation as the "Children of God" has disappeared and they are now known as "the nation that did not obey the voice of the Lord their God" (verse 28).

For many churchgoers this is a familiar story. On Sunday morning we head to church and put on our best 'Christian' face; we sacrifice our lie-in and our lazy Sunday morning to God. But unfortunately this worship is not always backed up with true obedience in the rest of our lives. We do not live our lives for God.

To Ponder

If the people you meet at Church on Sunday were to meet you on Monday morning, would they recognise you? And vice versa?

Is God confined to your Sunday box? How can we better allow God into the rest of our lives?

To what extent can we truly give our lives to God if we do not follow God's rules?

Bible notes author

Mia Briggs

Mia Briggs used to be a local preacher. She is now a member of the student clergy in the Metropolitcan Community Church.