13 November 2012

Genesis 13:1-18

"Rise up, walk through the length and breadth of the land, for I will give it to you." (v. 17)


Abram and Lot continue to travel together, moving their tents, their flocks, herds and wealth through the Negeb, eventually ending up near Bethel. The herdsmen of Lot and Abram begin to argue, possibly over grazing areas and it seems to have been amicably decided that the time has come for Abram and Lot to separate.

It is only later after Lot has moved on into a well watered land towards Sodom that we are told of the Lord speaking again to Abram. The suggestion is that Abram was now alone in following the way of the Lord.

The promise of the Lord remains, that the land will be given to Abram and his offspring. 

Psalm 44 reminds us of the big story as we look back on our history, as individuals and as God's people. Sometimes we may have felt led, experienced hope and blessing, other times may have brought complaints and sensed unease at the situation we find ourselves in, but above all there is a wondering about God's activity and action in our lives. Has God really been there for us? The final call is a heartfelt honest cry for God to wake up and respond in love.

To Ponder

  • It is often easier to believe in the promises of the Lord when times are going well and perhaps harder when we are going through difficult life experiences. What promises of the Lord are important to you and have kept you on your life journey?
  • Abram's journey so far is a mix of ease and unease, changing circumstances through different experiences. What can we learn from his story and Psalm 44 about God's ways in the world?
  • What would be your cry to God today? 

Bible notes author

Susan Johnson

Susan has recently moved house from the north east coast in Durham to the west coast in Cumbria. After completing eight years as the Darlington Methodist District mission and development enabler she is taking time out to explore what next, but hopes to get involved with the local foodbanks in the area.